Sunday, March 4, 2007

Involve Me

Tell Me and I Forget

Show Me and I Remember

Involve Me and I Understand

Good advice. One objective in starting this blog was to involve Mike and share his passion for Jesus and compassion for others. I happened across an interesting technology that is getting better all the time. That technology allows Mike to hear the posts and provide input. It allows him to hear your comments and the emails you send. This text-to-speech capability is not too bad. It helps us proof-read information before we publish it. I downloaded the free software at They also have a good demo available. The free version is not too bad. The voice is a little rough but usable. You highlight the text you want to read, hit CTRL F9, and it reads what you select. However, the free version is limited in the amount of text it will read. I have since upgraded to a higher quality voice. The download size of the voice was over 500 Mb. I used a program called Flashget to speed the download. Next, Mike and I will research speech-to-text capability. With speech-to-text, Mike will be able to share his thoughts directly. We are also looking at podcasting and video. Too much to do and so little time but ain't technology great!

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