Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Give and It Shall Be Given

This story was sent to me today by my brother Larry:
"To tell the story again. Luke received $20 from one of his friends for his b-day. I shared with him about tithing and he took it all in. I told him 10% is the tithe and any extra is alms. I told him expect to receive back 10 fold from God on your tithe and countless back on the alms. I said it may not come back in money, but it may. It may come in happiness, peace etc...He seemed pretty physicked. The next day, Sunday we were going to church, I said how much have you chosen to give. I told him he doesn't have to, but it is his choice. He said he is giving $10 of his $20....Then we were watching The apprentice and they give $10,000 for picking the right guy who gets fired. We both chose Aaron (the local guy from Columbia). Luke said wouldn't it be cool if God gave back 10,000 fold. I thought it would have been pretty cool too. But I guess God has another plan..."

God does have another (read better) plan and His plan is best I think.

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